Friday, November 28, 2014

Obtaining Your Own iPad Mini

If you are interested in obtaining your own iPad mini just email me at and I will send you all of the necessary information

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Orgsnizing Your Documents and Notes

The following apps are great for both organizing and sharing both documents/notes with your peers.  First,we have Bangla notes, this app allows you to both share and organize while creating.  Second, we have Notable Organize Your Notes.  The name alone says it al.  The cool thing is that you could create folders along with notes/documents with specific content.  Thus no more clutter and very organized right.  Lastly, Pocket Note Lght, this app also allows for sharing among whomever you wish to share important information.  Oh, I nearly forgotten I also have an MP3 recorder app that I would like to share as well.  This app is totally cool and quite easy to use as wel.  There are 3 very easy steps, record, pause/play and stop.  You can also share these recording as well.  The beauty of these apps is that You can connect them to either the Dropbox app, or the Google Drive app.  I highly recommend these apps to both students and those who work while traveling or those who work from home.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Apps That Work Well With Dropbox

If you are someone who works on the go then I have found some apps that will work well for creating documents/files.  These apps are free and you can connect them to your Dropbox, thus giving you access to specific files and documents.  The following apps are ideal for work or school:
1. Notable Notes
2. Access Note, this app is free for a limited time
3. MP3 Recorder

The above apps are ideal for any business person or student who would need to both be able to access and work while on the go.

The following apps are for fun:

1. Bangla Notes
2. Write to light

Friday, June 20, 2014

Welcom to the Blind Geek Circle with Computer Geek 02

Hello and welcome to all of you fellow fellow geeks out there.  here we can get a little more indepth in regards to computers, I Devices and so much more.  Here we will discuss the inner workings of how to make certain software and apps more accessible for the blind.  We allcan make suggestions and we all can contribute to help a fellow geeker to understand his or her devices.